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What Our Patients Say

What others say about chiropractic care can help you make the right health care choice. Review a selection of Payne Chiropractic Wellness Center patient testimonials below and please email me or contact the office if you have any questions.

In Health Naturally
Dr. Alan Payne

A Very Caring Group

The kindest most caring group of people ever put together under one roof!
-David B.

Quick Improvements

Seeing change/improvements after just 3 visits.
-Bonnie R.

I Feel Hopeful That I Can Be Pain Free And Happy

I have never experienced a chiropractor that is as caring and knowledgeable as Dr. Payne. His staff seem very happy to be at work and love their job and Dr. Payne as well. For the first time I feel hopeful that I can be pain free and happy. I recommend Dr. Payne to everyone I know. Thank you so much Dr. Payne. May God continue to bless you!
-Vicki L.

I Have Finally Found The Answer

After trying many remedies, short of surgery, for my back problems I believe I have finally found the answer! Yippeeee
-Heidi H.

I Believe Chiropractic Care Is Important

I am pleased with the treatment and care I have received. I strongly believe in the importance of chiropractic care and wish more people were willing to give it a shot to improve their overall help. My 4yr old even loves coming in to get adjusted.
-Andrea T.

Well Run Practice

You have a friendly, well-run practice. Thanks!
-Kristen C.

Professional And Courteous

Dr. Payne and his staff were professional and courteous, which made my visit very pleasant and informative.
-Joe T.

Excellent Experience

Excellent experience, Dr. Payne and all his staff actually care!
-Judy U.

Deeply Grateful

I am deeply grateful to Dr. Payne and his staff. When I arrived in the office 15 years ago, I was in agony and Dr. Payne assured me he would take care of my issues … gave me a big hug and from that moment we began the healing process … a blessing indeed .
-Frost J.

Positive Feelings

My experience has been rewarding and I have positive feelings on my wellness plan. Thank you.
-Patrick H.

Very Helpful

Great staff that are very helpful.
-Michael T.

Very Pleased

This office runs very smoothly, no wait time, very professional staff and doctors. I am very pleased with my treatment but more importantly I receive clear explanation of my problem area and the reason for treatment. I am feeling much better with each treatment also. Definitely a positive work in progress!
-Jeanne M.

Feeling Improvement

Felt incredible improvement after one visit.
-Sandy F.

Warm And Welcoming

This practice is a warm and welcoming respite from the start! The informational seminar done after the x-rays and scans is chalked full of great info! It has been the best best experience of my life working with Dr. Payne and his staff! I’ll never be able to “pay” him back, so I will pay it forward. I tell everyone about the great things happening at Payne Chiropractic on Commons Drive! God Bless ??
-Carrie M.


Great environment! Everyone extremely friendly!
-Merri W.


I was very hesitant to begin with a new chiropractor. My fears are gone. I am very comfortable and hope this will be the long lasting relationship I should have started several years ago.
-Brenda C.


Dr. Payne and staff are excellent. I have been a non believer in chiropractic care but I have had immediate relief so far..I felt a little better after my first visit but my pain has subsided 90% since my 2nd visit. I feel different about it now. As for me I will always go to Dr. Payne for my back pain.-Gabriel G.

So Pleased

I am so pleased with the relief I felt immediately after my first adjustment. Dr. Payne and the entire staff are the most caring and friendly staff I have seen in any practice. Thank you for giving me a pain free night of sleep again! -Lawanna R.

Informative And Professional

Very informative and professional. -Cindy B.


Dr. Payne is awesome and helped me my first visit. I will never go to another doctor. I am so impressed. -Debi B.

Kind And Helpful

Everyone is very kind and helpful. -John B.

Great Staff

Great staff and great facility. -Michael S.

Positive Feelings

Love the atmosphere. Staff is very friendly and professional as is Dr. Payne. Chiropractic assistants actually seem to like working there. Really like the oldies music. -Denise C.

Appointment On Time

I appreciate that you value my time and that my appointment was on time! -Melinda K.

Very Positive Impact

I have found everyone at Payne Chiropractic to be very friendly and professional. Dr. Jake is always willing to answer questions in a clear and honest manner. I started going to the center as part of my overall “get back to good health and fitness” effort in conjunction with my retirement.. I believe the sessions have had a very positive impact on how I feel, my overall sense of well being. I have also been able to minimize or get rid of some chronic physical pains which I had just put up with for years. Also, I had my first, and then several more, therapeutic massages at the wellness center with Erin. It is simply too hard to explain how good your body feels after the massage. Erin is also very effective in targeting any problem areas (shoulders, neck, etc.), which works very well in conjunction with the chiropractic sessions. I strongly recommend people look into chiropractic care as part of their rountine health practices…and I recommend you go to Payne Chiropractic to get this care…and then try a therapeutic massage ! -Steven K.


I am so much better, I can’t thank you guys enough for getting me in on a minutes notice! All of you are awesome and it was so good seeing everyone! I took that trip and was able to do so because of you Dr. Payne! I am almost back to normal and I will be seeing you guys as soon as I can fit it in! I cant thank you enough! -Kim S.

Placed At Ease

I was afraid about my. Neck so the doctor immediately sat me down with my x-Ray so I could see a visual. That put me at ease. Just great. Thanks for that. – Sarah L.

Feeling Better

So far I am well satisfied and I am feeling better after only a few visits. -Vicki E.

Alisha Dalton

Alisha D.

Very Professional

Everyone is very professional, friendly and caring. After my first visit I felt like I was part of the family. -Alisha D.

Excellent First Visit

Excellent first visit. Made me feel comfortable. My first adjustment went really well. I felt so much better. I know it’s only going to get better in the coming months. -Kevin B.

Friendliest Staff

Friendliest staff I have encountered in quite some time and very informative. Dr. Payne really gave me a sense of comfort and I knew I was in good hands. It’s nice to know your doctor genuinely cares. -Sara E.

Very Pleased

Very pleased from start to finish. Staff is awesome! Doc is awesome! Extremely happy with my experience every time I visit. Fantastic group of people working in this office. -Angela L.

Friendly And Professional

Great friendly and professional staff and Payne Chiropractic is getting me back on track. Thanks! -Chet H.


Anastasia B

Feeling Better

Symptoms prior to treatment at Payne Chiropractic Wellness Center: headaches, stomach aches, and knee pain.

“I had bad headaches almost all the time and stomach aches too. I also had a twisted knee, well that’s what it felt like to me. I have less headaches, better stomach, and the knee is better.”

Anastasia B.
Age 9
Crestview, FL
Patient since May 2012

Dr. Sandy Frazer

Dr. Sandy Frazer

Grateful To Be Helped

Symptoms prior to treatment at Payne Chiropractic Wellness Center: Chronic dry cough, pain between my shoulder blades, and right hip pain.

“After just 3 months of care, I had a friend tell me that my breathing was better and I realized the cough was gone! My upper back and hip pain have been greatly improved! While I do not have health insurance, I feel my visits to Dr. Payne and Dr. Zwirble are the very best insurance I could have! I am truly grateful to be helped by such caring people. ”

Dr. Sandy Frazer
Age 51
Destin, FL
Patient since April 2012

Jennifer K

Jennifer K

Lower Back

Symptoms prior to treatment at Payne Chiropractic Wellness Center: Constant lower back pain.

“I pulled my lower back Easter weekend. I could not sit for very long. Very tight after waking and I could not bend over. There was a noticeable difference right after I started chiropractic care. It was gradual but I feel strong again. I have never had an injury like this before so I was worried about the future. I really do feel strong again. It makes me feel like I’ll be able to do physical activities without icing my back after. Thank you Dr. Zwirble and staff!”

Jennifer K.
Age 34
Destin, FL
Patient since April 2012

Feeling Fantastic

Symptoms prior to treatment at Payne Chiropractic Wellness Center: I could not put on my shoes and socks because I was in terrible pain.

“After receiving chiropractic care I feel fantastic! Dr. Payne is without a doubt the most intelligent, kind, funny,caring person I have ever been involved with. He has helped with other health issues and the results have all been great! The BEST doctor you could ever go to!”

Capt. Kenny
Age 62
Destin, FL
Patient since September 2004

The Best

Symptoms prior to treatment at Payne Chiropractic Wellness Center: Headaches, neck pain, knee problems, and ringing in the ears.

“Rarely do I find something I feel so strongly about that I would write a testimonial, but this is one of those rare occasions. Two years ago my daughter told me about Dr. Payne and how good he is. I have gone to chiropractors for 20 plus years and believe in them whole-heartedly. When she bragged about him and suggested that I visit him I thought “okay, sure…we will see.”

I have been to lots of chiropractors (all with different methods and techniques). I’ve been laid on tables and had machines rolled up and down my back.I’ve also been to chiropractors that use the hands on method, which has been the best. By FAR, Dr. Payne and the Gonstead method are the best! I feel better now than I ever have before.

I am so serious about Dr. Payne that I drive from the West side of Mobile, AL to Destin, FL to be adjusted. That’s 127 miles! My back, neck, knees, and the ringing in my ears are so much better now!

So, thank you Dr. Payne for being so good at what you do! The office staff is great too! ALL of them are so friendly and help feel and care about each patient. I highly recommend Dr. Payne to anyone!

Lori R.
Age 59
St. Elmo’s, AL
Patient since February 2010

Lynne M

Lynne M

Pain Free

Before I started seeing Dr. Payne I was unable to walk without pain I had a fall and it caused my spine to be out of alignment. On a scale of 1-10 with 10 being the worst I classified my pain as a 10. My left leg was affected it was causing me to limp and I had to start using a cane. I was unable to walk without pain.

Due to Dr. Payne’s professional skill and continued encouragement I gradually went from unbearable pain, to PAIN FREE, SO WONDERFUL!. My life is back to normal again. I’m Pain free and walking with no cane. Now I visit Dr. Payne frequently to prevent any further problems and to stay aligned.

Lynne M.
83 years of age
Patient since March 2010

Feel Fantastic

Symptoms prior to treatment at Payne Chiropractic Wellness Center: Possible sublaxation during birth

“My dad brought me here when I was two days old. My dad brought me to Dr. Payne’s office to make sure my spine and neck were aligned correctly after the birthing process. I feel fantastic. I don’t get sick, I don’t have any pains, my back does not hurt and I have an overall good feeling.”

Eddie A.
Age 11
Destin, FL
Patient since June 2001

Mae H

Mae H


Symptoms prior to treatment at Payne Chiropractic Wellness Center: Food Allergy. Could not eat any citric acid. Consumption of foods such as tomatoes, oranges, and pineapples would result in severe rash/hives.

“This allergy started when I was about 18 years old and although I’ve been under chiropractic care for about 30 years, no one has been able to relieve this allergy. For the past year I have been able to eat more and more fruit and tomatoes! I enjoy pineapple almost daily! Thank you Dr. Payne!”

Mae H.
55 Years of Age
Destin, FL
Patient since February 2009

Forever Grateful

Symptoms prior to treatment at Payne Chiropractic Wellness Center: Neck and Lower back pain.

“Dr. Payne did wonders for me! I felt great and had no pain. I was able to live each day productive and pain free! After several months of my husband and myself receiving treatment we were able to conceive a child after over 20 years together. I will be forever grateful! He is great and his staff is very friendly!!

Tina W
Age 48
Destin, FL
Patient since June 2009

Has Made A Difference

Symptoms prior to treatment at Payne Chiropractic Wellness Center: Stabbing pains in shoulder blades, groin, pain in wrist and headaches.

“My child had major pain in groin. The medical remedy? Tylenol ever couple hours. We visited the office as a family after several adjustments pain subsided for all. We highly recommend chiropractic care for all. We notice a differences when we wait too long in between adjustments. Its not just for back pain, it has made a difference with the frequency of my headaches and female issues. ”

Melissa B.
Age 47
Freeport, FL
Patient since April 2002

The Best

Symptoms prior to treatment at Payne Chiropractic Wellness Center: Pain from auto accident.

“Every adjustment and massage brings me closer to complete healing! Step by step, faithfully! Dr. Payne and Dr. Zwirble and staff care tremendously! They are the best! I am very thankful for Payne Chiropractic. They are definitely a god-sent from heaven

Judy T.
Freeport, FL
Patient since September 2004

Lynne Mc

Lynne Mc

Healthier More Productive Life

Before I started seeing Dr. Payne I was Involved in a Auto Accident and my neck got thrown against the headrest. I couldn’t sleep and i had excruciating pain in my neck and shoulders.

Soon after my treatments with Dr. Payne and his Massage therapist I began feeling much better, now I am pain free nearly all if the time! I am getting tremendous relief from my injury and in addition I have a lot more energy. I feel better and I have also been able to decrease or eliminate many of my asthma medications. For five years I have tried to control my asthma and I got no relief. It is a miracle that I can breathe with minimal asthma problems now. Dr. Payne is going to start working on my knees and I am looking forward to more progress in my general health and well being. I will be a regular patient that is mandatory for me. Chiropractic is giving me hope for a healthier more productive life. I THANK GOD FOR DR. PAYNE!!

Lynne Mc.
55 years of age
Patient since January 2010

I’m Not In Pain

Since my first Adjustment with Dr. Payne I have noticed an improvement in my Stamina, Work Performance , and Mental Focus. I have more energy and I’m also able to sleep better. Life is so much better when i’m not in pain! Dr. Payne’s staff is wonderful! They are very efficient in scheduling and making clients feel relaxed and part of the” Payne” Family.

Brenda R.
66 years of age
Destin, FL
Patient since May 2010

Range Of Motion Has Improved

Before I started seeing Dr. Payne I had severe sciatica. I had constant pain and could not sleep due to my misalignment. I have always been active and the sciatic nerve under my left glute was keeping me from the activities that I enjoyed.

Over several months of treatment with Dr. Payne I was able to sleep again and the pain DISAPPEARED! I am able to be active again with tennis, golf, and biking. I experience NO PAIN with my sciatic nerve now. My range of motion has also improved dramatically. I will continue chiropractic care as a lifetime maintenance of overall health.

Karla H.
43 years of age
Real Estate Development
Destin, FL

No Pain

Before seeing Dr. Payne I developed a severe pain on the right side of my neck, shoulder, and shoulder blade. Before seeing Dr. Payne the medical Doctor had given me a cortisone shot and therapy in my shoulders, it did not help, the pain was as severe as having kidney stones.

After my third visit to Dr. Payne I had NO PAIN by that evening. My right arm is showing a lot of improvement, I am able to raise it now.

Frank I.
82 years of age
Patient since January 2009

A Whole Lot Better

Before I started seeing Dr. Payne I was having headaches very often, I was also having leg pain and it was making it very hard to walk. I was having to take pain pills every morning before i could stand. My shoulders and neck were in a lot of pain also.

After treatment with Dr. Payne,I have no more headaches, and no more pain in my legs. I AM NOT TAKING ANY PAIN PILLS NOW. The pain in my neck and shoulders is also a whole lot better.

Zalina P.
52 years of age
Patient since May 2008

Randy S

Randy S

Love It

Before seeing Dr. Payne I had extremely severe pain in my hip area and severe acid reflux.

After 2 visits to Dr. Payne my pain began to diminish! I am a retired tennis pro that still loves to play, but my hip was to severe for me to play. My pain is getting a lot better and I plan to play tennis this week. I have had chronic acid reflux for 3 years now. Dr. Payne discovered a problem in my thoracic area, as soon as treatment began my reflux decreased. No more expensive medication just after a few treatments. NO MEDS, NO REFLUX, I LOVE IT!

Randy S.
60 years of age
Association Management
Patient since November 2008

Earl Gardner

Earl Gardner

More Balanced

I had a lot of neck, low back, and right hip pain. I also had right sciatica that ran into the back of my right leg. It was so bad that I fell and broke my toe and busted my right eye. I couldn’t even turn my head, if I wanted to look at something I would have to turn my whole body. Everything in my body was so stiff; I had a very hard time getting out of bed. I have lived with this pain for 12 years. I did pain epidurals for three years.

Dr. Payne has turned my life around. Since my adjustments I’m not as clumsy and I can walk without pain. Now I can get down on one knee without pain or without having to pull myself up on something. I can also breathe better and tie my shoes without getting winded. I had no idea that chiropractic could help me as much as it has. I can turn my head now, my balance is a lot better, and I can drive a lot easier than I could before. I feel like a new man.

Earl G.
64 years of age
Navarre, FL
Retired Correctional Officer
Patient since February 2008

Katie Leudenburg

Katie Leudenburg

This Is Part Of My Health Maintenance

Before seeing Dr. Payne I had a lot of pain in my right leg, I also had a lot of stiffness and soreness in both my neck and lower back. Whenever I had to drive very far I would be in a lot of pain.

After treatment with Dr. Payne I can drive without having any pain. I am no longer limited with the things I can do. I have complete range of motion of everything and my posture is better. I am blessed, and plan to keep seeing Dr. Payne the rest of my life. This is part of my health maintenance.

Katie L.
72 years of age
Retired RN
Patient since February 2008

Mary Karson

Mary Karson

TMJ Gone

Before receiving care from Dr. Payne, I had back pain, neck pain, jaw pain, shoulder pain, and I was functioning low mentally. I had two bad car accidents leaving me with TMJ and ringing in my ears. I was very stressed when I arrived in Florida for vacation.

After being in the care of Dr. Payne most of my pain has diminished. My TMJ issues are almost gone. The most improvement was in my hearing in my left ear. I can now hear all tones, it seems normal again. My stress level is back to a more normal function; so I can deal with the stress of being a mother to a special needs child, a care giver to my elderly mother, and finding balance in my life. We found Dr. Payne in the phone book, God led us to him. All glory to god for the miracles we have experienced through Dr. Payne’s healing touch. Our 1 month planned vacation turned into 7 weeks of Dr. Payne’s wonderful treatment.

Mary K.
55 years of age
Villa Hills, KY
Homemaker / Teacher
Patient since April 2008

Ilean Hawkins

Ilean Hawkins


Before seeing Dr. Payne I was in and out of the hospital the last six months, they ran numerous test and couldn’t find anything but high blood pressure. I had neck pain, total back pain, I was unable to sleep, mental confusion, and I had hip and foot pain.

Dr. Payne had addressed all of my back, neck, hip, and foot pain; they are all very much improved. I am now able to sleep better, I have more energy, and less pain throughout my entire body. I am thinking clearer than I have in the past five years. After all of the Dr’s I have seen I the past five years I was about to give up on Dr’s. I think god for finally finding Dr. Payne, who has given me confidence that there are Dr’s who can help. I want to thank you and your staff Dr. Payne for all of your compassion and help, God Bless. I know I still need treatment, and I am looking forward to coming back and receiving more treatment from you.

Ilean H.
82 years of age
Villa Hills, KY.
Patient since May 2008

So Glad

I had been suffering from severe pain from a fall that I had on a ceramic tile floor. I was unable to sit, stand, and I could barely walk. I was in a terrible condition.

The care that I received from Dr. Payne was thorough and amazing! I was giving the information that I needed to know. No step to healing was left unanswered. My choice was to follow the intensive care method of Gonstead Chiropractic care. Today I am glad I followed the recommendations of Dr. Payne. Now I am in better health than I was before the fall.

Frances L.
86 years of age
Santa Rosa Beach, FL
Patient since February 2008

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