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BioMeridian in Destin

The BioMeridian assessment is a state of the art tool that measures 58 different electrical circuits in your body related to specific organs. The BioMeridian is a safe noninvasive and painless assessment. The test results are color coded in a easy to understand take home report. You will be given detailed recommendations for a optimal supplementation regimen customized to your specific needs. With your reports you can easily track your progress from visit to visit. The BioMeridian is the most comprehensive noninvasive objective assessment in the world!

BioMeridian BioMeridian

~ Cost ~ $27

Call Payne Chiropractic Wellness Center to schedule your appointment for a BioMeridian Assessment.
(850) 654-8770

Click Here To View a BioMeridian Video!

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